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Condoms, Dams and Gloves

Condoms and their under-appreciated sidekicks.

STIs, while usually treatable, are not exactly something you want to get if you can avoid it right? We still want to have sex but without so much anxiety about getting an STI. So how do we have sex while also protecting ourselves and our partners?

Condoms, gloves and dental dams are latex (though non-latex variants are also available) devices that create a physical barrier between partners during sex. This barrier is what helps prevent STI transmission – so they help where other contraceptives like the rod or the pill do nothing to stop STIs.

They work when you use them properly

Condoms, dams and gloves are only effective when used properly – and believe it or not there is a right and a wrong way to use them. Our resources here will teach you how to use a condom or a dam, where to get them in Boorloo/Perth, Western Australia, and more!

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Useful resources

"How to put on a condom" Sequence Cards

Target audience:Everyone

Where to find FREE condoms in WA

Target audience:Everyone

Condom Do's and Dont's!

Target audience:Everyone

Believe it or not, there is a right and a WRONG way to use a condom. And some may surprise you!

How to use a dental dam

Target audience:Everyone

Learn how to use a dental dam to protect yourself and your partners from STIs and how to make one out of a condom!

Con-do’s and Con-don’ts

Target audience:Everyone

Condoms and Dams

Target audience:Everyone

Pleasure-based Condom Usage – YEP Crew Blog Post

Target audience:Everyone, people with penises

How to use a condom – YEP Crew

How to Use a Dental Dam (to prevent an STI or BBV during oral sex)

How to make a Dental Dam out of a condom!

Target audience:Everyone

The YEP Crew shows you how to make a dental dam out of a condom, which is genius because you can get condoms free in lots of places! :)

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