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Sex Toys

Our handy helpers in sexual pleasure

  • Sex toys are devices designed for use in sexual activities, usually to enhance the experience of sexual pleasure or to make certain activities easier. Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of purposes and functions. Some vibrate, some are shaped like parts of people’s bodies, but all are designed to feel good.

  • For most, sex toys are not a necessary part of having a happy and fulfilling sex life, but many people enjoy including them into their sex play. For some people sex toys may aid them to experience pleasure, or provide pleasure to a partner, that without support or assistance they may not have been able to achieve the same results.
  • Access to sex toys can be particularly important for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, who deserve the same happy, safe and fulfilling sex lives as everybody else. Sex toys can be purchased online or from retail adult stores, but you must be over the age of 18 to legally purchase sex toys within Australia.
  • There are lots of sex toys for people with disabilities, some may even be accessible through your NDIS plan! Many can be used for both solo play and with partner/s, for more information visit SECCA.

I want a sex toy, is that kinky?

Are sex toys kinky? Well, that depends on who you ask. Everyone has different ideas of what is “kinky” and what is not, the most important thing is knowing what you would be comfortable with and enjoying that solo or with your partner/s. If you or your partner want to use toys during sex then you should be supported to do so!


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