YEP aims to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and positively EVOLVE young people’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviours around sexual health & blood borne viruses (SHBBV).

5 Reasons You Need to Watch Netflix’s Sex Education (and one reason you should definitely NOT) – Julian Ming

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I’ll start off by claiming my credentials. I once started and finished all 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in less than five weeks. I did the same with Netflix’s Stranger Things, but that time it only took me one evening. Oh, and I also happen to have worked as a... Read more »

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YEP Crew Blog Post – Aksh Handa: What is HPV?

I was talking to a friend about the routine vaccinations we got in school (riveting convo hey), and turns out she never got her 3rd dose of the HPV vaccine! THIRD dose, you ask? HP-what, you ask? Why am I reading a whole page on HPV, you ask? While the third question is a fair point and in all honesty, this is some bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, I’d say that if you’re aged between 12-25 and have no (or just some) idea what I’m talking about I think this would be a handy read!

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YEP Volunteer Blog Post, Anna Wrobel: Emergency Contraception and its Myths!

Accidents can happen, that’s why there is emergency contraception (EC) – a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancies after you had unprotected sex. So being clued up on emergency contraception is a must for anybody wanting to enjoy worry-free sex. However, it can be hard sometimes to figure out what are facts and what’s unhelpful fiction when you talk to your friends about contraception or look up stuff on the internet.

So let’s have a look at the most common myths about emergency contraception!

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Safe Schools Coalition WA: Introductory Session

Creating safe and inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.

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YEP at Fairground 2016

This year not only is YEP attending Fairground 2016…BUT we’re also presenting!!!

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My name is Jordina Quain, I’m 23 and grew up on a farm outside of Albany WA. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Performance Studies), a Graduate Diploma of Sexology and am currently studying Health Promotion – what can I say, I adore the student life!

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