Con-do’s and Con-don’ts (2019)

April 15, 2019

Condoms are invaluable tools for protecting yourself and your partners from STIs, BBVs and pregnancy, but they are only effective when used properly. For a guide on how to safely and effectively put on a condom, see our guide, but here are some additional do’s and don’ts that you may not be aware of!

  • Practice condom use before sex
  • Know where to get the condoms
  • Get consent
  • Check the expiry date
  • Check for punctures in the packet
  • Use water based lube
  • Remove condom immediately after use
  • Keep away from damage
  • Change condom between partners
  • Try out different sized condoms
  • Communicate with partner about condom use
  • Store below 40°c
  • Use scissors to open the packaging
  • Use teeth to open the packaging
  • Pin the condom packet to anything
  • Leave in a car
  • Wear more than 1 condom at a time
  • Use a condom that’s too big or small for your penis
  • Use non-water based lube
  • Re-use a condom
  • Make your own condom
  • Flush down the toilet
  • Keep in direct sunlight