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Syphilis Outbreak

⚠️ There’s a syphilis outbreak in Western Australia! ⚠️

To respond to the outbreak, our team of young people and youth workers have created a variety of resources to help you understand what syphilis is and why it’s important to get tested for it.
We’ve created content using different mediums and with different communities in mind- so have a search through and find what works best for you!

The lowdown on syphilis

  • Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection, or STI.
  • It is easily transmitted by oral, vaginal or anal sex, as well as broken skin-to-skin contact and kissing.
  • Symptoms vary by stage, but often take the form of painless sores around the mouth, anus or genitals, or a rash on the body, palms or soles of the feet.
  • However, many people do not show these symptoms even though they are still infected. They could be unknowingly spreading the infection to others.
  • This is why it is so important to get tested for syphilis whether you show symptoms or not. Whilst syphilis SOUNDS kinda scary, and it is scarily easily spread, it is also EASY to treat, especially if you catch it early!
  • The outbreak is concerning, but if people get tested and treated, we can get it under control in WA! It’s up to all of us to stop the spread of syphilis.

Useful resources

Syphilis information poster 1

Target audience:Everyone

Syphilis information poster 2

Target audience:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people

Syphilis information poster 3

Target audience:LGBTIQA+ young people

Syphilis information poster 4

Target audience:Young Women, particularly CaLD

Syphilis Campaign Poster

Target audience:Everyone

Syphilis Parody Poster 2

Target audience:Everyone

Syphilis Parody Poster

Target audience:Everyone, young people aged 12-16

Syphilis in the City

Target audience:Everyone

The Basics: What is Syphilis?

What you need to know about syphilis in one minute

How NOT to get syphilis

How do I get a syphilis test?

What’s involved in a syphilis test?

Is syphilis easy to treat?

What to do if you or your partner tests positive for syphilis?

How can I help my friends not get syphilis?

How to get an STI Test at M-Clinic Perth

Syphilis: YEP Interviews M Clinic FULL VIDEO

Syphilis – Propel KickstART Festival 2021

There is a syphilis outbreak in Western Australia.

@theyepproject Need to get an STI test because it’s been 3-6 months since your last test? Bit nervous? Take a support person and close your eyes 😂 (seriously though), it’ll be over before you know it 🫶 #seggs #sti #boorloo #stigma #closeyoureyes ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ - Sunflower_Lyrics🌻

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