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Consent and Healthy Relationships

Everyone has the right to feel happy, safe, and fulfilled in their relationships.

There are many important relationships in our lives. Family, friends, workmates, ourselves. For some people, some of our most impactful relationships are romantic and/or sexual. You can have impactful relationships without having a romantic or sexual relationship.

What’s healthy?

  • A healthy relationship can make you feel valued. It can also help grow your confidence and lift you up, and makes space for you to grow as a person and try new things.
  • Signs of a healthy relationship are when you feel valued and supported. When you are able to communicate effectively, and where all people involved respect each other and their wants, needs, and boundaries.
  • We recognise these are not skills that come easily to everyone. People make mistakes, are uninformed or sometimes make bad choices. Building a healthy relationship requires time, trust, and work. Respect and communication are important problem-solving tools for overcoming challenges in any relationship.


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