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Human Papillomavirus

What is it?

HPV, or Human Papillomavirus is a common virus that is primarily spread via sexual contact.  If unvaccinated HPV infection can cause cancers and other serious health consequences in people of all genders.

How can I reduce my risk of HPV?


The HPV vaccine is now a single dose! People with immunocompromised conditions will however require 3 doses. No matter the amount of doses you need, it is free for those under the age of 26.

People of all genders can get the HPV vaccine. The vaccine is particularly beneficial for

  • Young people aged 9-25
  • People with immunocompromised conditions
  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)

Note: People who are breastfeeding can also receive the HPV vaccine

Why is the HPV vaccine helpful?
  • Highly effective in preventing HPV infection and reduces HPV transmission to future sexual partners.
  • Critical in eliminating cervical cancer
  • Reduces your risk of HPV related genital, anal and throat cancer and other conditions that lead to serious health consequences
  • Offers protection against genital warts
What if im 26 or older?

You can still get vaccinated! The HPV vaccine will still protect you from HPV strains that you have not been exposed to yet, even if you’re already sexually active, but it’s best to get it as early as possible. If you are 26 or older, or do not have a Medicare card, you may need to pay for the HPV vaccine.

How would i know if I’ve been vaccinated?

Most people who attend mainstream Australian schooling would have received this vaccine (aka Gardasil) in high school. There is still a chance you have not received it, as you may have been absent that day or you or your parents decided for you not to get it. The FREE catch-up program for those who missed the HPV vaccination is now extended up to those aged 25 years old.

How to check if I’ve been vaccinated?
  • You can access your immunisation history online via Medicare through MyGov or the Medicare app. Check out our video below to see how.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Ask your vaccination provider to print a copy of your history
  • Call the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) on 1800 653 809 (8am–5pm, Monday to Friday) and request a copy to be mailed to you
  • Ask your GP or immunisation provider to access statements on the AIR.
  • Ask your GP or health clinic to do a blood test to check if you have previously been given the vaccine.
Where can you get the HPV Vaccine?

You can get the HPV vaccine from immunisation clinics in schools, GPs, some community pharmacies, and other primary care providers. Check out our referrals resource for a list of youth friendly services that can administer the HPV vaccine.

SOME locations to get vaccinated in PERTH include:

Useful resources

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How to find our Referral Resource

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