Growing up without ‘THE TALK’…Is it really something you need to know? – YEP Volunteer Blog Post: Vanessa (2018)

February 9, 2018

I’m sure I’m not the only 20 year old in the world that hasn’t received a lecture about sex from their parents. Even so, I still feel kind of weird that it never happened – I was expecting it to. Waiting for years, thinking surely it’s coming, but nope!

I guess I am grateful to be spared that awkwardness, but simultaneously, I do often question whether the lack of discussion around sex in my family is healthy – everyone’s just so closed off on the topic that I have to wonder if that’s always a good thing.

Out of curiosity, I questioned my mother a bunch of times about her love life at my age, but she immediately changed the subject and my probing was cut short. I suppose this does bother me a bit because parents should be open and honest with their children about these things.

If your parents are the type that tell you not to get pregnant when you’re going to a party – at least they’re showing their concern. You probably think it’s annoying, but until it’s not there, you can’t really miss it. I mean, sure, it might be uncomfortable to just throw around the words penis and vagina casually, especially to your mum and dad. But it’s also super important that you can trust your family to support you in these critical times – and yes, I mean losing your virginity, knowing which lubes are the best quality, getting on the pill, and so much more.

Another point is that many parents (certainly mine!), assume that primary and high schools give excellent sex education and therefore everything imaginable is covered by your teachers.

I can tell you right now that this is total bullshit. Obviously every school has different teachers and teaching methods, but ultimately they go through the very basics and their students are still left with a trillion questions unanswered.

And what about sex and disability? Don’t even get me started on that – I’ll need another blog to vent about that crappy process!!!