SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit

July 8, 2016

Planning a sexual health and blood-borne virus (SHBBV) program can sometimes seem like an impossible task; navigating stakeholders, young peoples’ needs, organisational capacity, and meeting outcomes. In response to sector need for SHBBV program planning and evaluation tools, SiREN have developed the SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit. This is a comprehensive resource for practitioners in the sexual health sector to aid in program planning, implementation and evaluation.

The toolkit is based on the program planning and evaluation cycle incorporating the four stages of plan, do, check, adjust. This process is designed to be ongoing, allowing for continous growth and reflection to ensure outcomes are met.

The toolkit covers six main areas:

  1. Who is your program for and why is it needed?
  2. What does your program expect to change?
  3. How do you know your program will work?
  4. What will your program include?
  5. Did your program work?
  6. Tools to use during planning and evaluation

How does this planning tool differ from the YEP Youth Sector Guidelines?

The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines are a planning framework developed specifically for the WA youth sector context with guidelines and strategies for the youth sector to promote youth sexual health and implement SHBBV programs. The SiREN SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit was designed for the SHBBV sector to assist in the planning and implementation of health interventions to reduced the transmission of STI’s and BBV’s.

How could I use this tool in my work?

Are you looking to implement a sexual health program with the young people you work with or design a targeted intervention relating to SHBBV issues? Are you reviewing a current SHBBV program you are working on? The SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit is an extremely useful tool for designing and implementing SHBBV programs as well as evaluating and improving existing programs. The planning framework and tools could also be applied to other specific health interventions around a range of different topics, not just SHBBV.

Are you already using the YEP Youth Sector Guidelines in your work? The SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit is ideal to use alongside the YEP Guidelines with useful strategies and templates to help implement a broad and holistic approach to sexual health promotion in youth sector settings.

Where can I get more information and support?

For more information on the YEP Youth Sector Guidelines, please see this blog post or contact the YEP Project Coordinator, Lorna Geraghty at If you would like more information and support on using the SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit, please visit their website or contact SiREN at