“My Pill Perspectives” – YEP Volunteer Blog Post (2018)

March 12, 2018

When I was 16, I convinced my mum to let me get on the pill. She wasn’t happy about it, and to this day still isn’t, but she agreed, if for no other reason than to stop my incessant teenage whining.

I thought it would be a painless and easy method to prevent pregnancy because I could become sexually active any day and didn’t want to be unprepared. That was me taking responsibility… but I didn’t realise the pill would help me in another way too – it would control my periods, something I’d been struggling with for three years up to that point.

Many people will say it’s too hard to remember to take the pill every day, but really it’s not. If you seriously can’t remember then set an alarm for it on your phone to remind you – problem solved. It’s worked for me!

It’s so awesome to be able to skip periods when I need to, which I couldn’t do before I got the pill. I have the freedom that those not on the pill may not experience, however, it does come with its own set of side effects.

I have had to change pills a few times because of the horrible headaches I was getting as a result, and due to that my hormones often got confused from the different interventions being thrown at them. So, not a complete walk in the park, but for me it’s been mostly good and I can’t complain.

Unlike some of the other forms of contraception, the pill is merely swallowed once a day. Of course, it’s not free and when I run out I have to get more, but overall I think it is probably the best match for me. I would recommend it to any girl who hasn’t tried it – believe me, it’s simple and totally effective! Okay, not totally but 99.9% so close enough!