We’re all different shapes & sizes! – YEP Crew Blog Post 2016: Tahnae

November 12, 2016

It really is unfortunate that for so many people, young people in particular, have body image issues; insecure and unsatisfied for one reason or another. This dissatisfaction spans across all things body shape, size, height, skin, and hair. Too fat, too skinny, not enough hair, too hairy, too pale, too dark, too blotchy… the list could go on forever, and it does.

Something that doesn’t get talked about as much as these general body image issues is how self-conscious an individual might feel about their genitals. Pornography and airbrushed media has a lot to answer for in relation to setting social “standards” for what genitalia ought to look like. After all, what other opportunities do you have to compare? This has negatively influenced young people’s perceptions of themselves. They look down and they don’t see the same as what’s on their computer screens. They see something ‘freaky’, ‘weird-looking’, or even ‘deformed’. These feelings can really affect broader areas of a young person’s life; potentially impacting their confidence, mental health, sexual health, social interactions and relationships, and general quality of life.

You might ask “is my body normal?”

There is a misconception that genitals all look a specific way – this is NOT the case at all! People’s genitals are as diverse and unique as their faces, what is considered normal varies hugely. It’s like asking, “is my face normal?” The answer is: probably, yes ☺

So what is normal?

If you are interested, follow the links below to see real actual genitals that are completely normal: completely diverse and unique!!

These images are not pornographic or sexually provocative. They’re just body parts, but people can find them ‘inappropriate’, ‘obscene’, or ‘explicit’.

BUT do please consider your level of comfort, where you are, who you’re with, and who else can see your screen right now before viewing.


Vulva galleries:


Penis galleries:


Breast gallery:


Where to from here?

Now you are informed and know the facts of the reality of the huge range of what is actually “normal” for genitalia, use this education to your advantage. Accept and love yourself exactly as you are! Everyone is different and that’s ok, heck, it’s a good thing. So embrace your differences with confidence; “Think you’re weird? Please, it’s called Limited Edition!”