YEP aims to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and positively EVOLVE young people’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviours around sexual health & blood borne viruses (SHBBV).

5 Reasons You Need to Watch Netflix’s Sex Education (and one reason you should definitely NOT) – Julian Ming

Posted by: Yep_Staff_User on February 26, 2019 in Leave a comment

I’ll start off by claiming my credentials. I once started and finished all 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in less than five weeks. I did the same with Netflix’s Stranger Things, but that time it only took me one evening. Oh, and I also happen to have worked as a... Read more »

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Golda Signal

Hi, I’m Golda and I’m 22 years old. I was a sexual health youth educator for four years, mentoring multicultural young people in sexual health and BBV knowledge and communication techniques to negotiate safe relationships.

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