YEP aims to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and positively EVOLVE young people’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviours around sexual health & blood borne viruses (SHBBV).

How to Get an STI Test FULL VIDEO – The YEP Project & SHQ

Posted by: Anania Tagaro on February 16, 2018 in Leave a comment

Finally! The YEP Project is very proud to launch our ‘How to Get an STI Test’ Video that we developed in partnership with SHQ, that shows how easy it is for young people to get tested either at SHQ and/or their preferred youth-friendly GP. Happy viewing everybody!!! Read more »

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YEP Crew Blog Post – Jordina Quain: Things You Don’t Get Told About Sex

Are there things that you wish you had known before having sex? Well, if there are, YEP Crew member Jordi has put together a list of a few things that might be helpful to you if you are thinking about and/or about to have sex for the first time. Also, there might be things on this list that might be super interesting that you may never have even thought about!!!

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YEP Crew Blog Post – Jordina Quain: YEP Crew does Harvey for 2017 National Condom Day!

Whilst we worked with years 9 – 12, there was definitely a sense of maturity in the groups which is not often acknowledged by the media or general society. Youth in Harvey and in general deserve to be commended for their positive attitude towards their bodies and the bodies of others. The day really highlighted that by treating youth with respect and dignity in regards to sexual health and independence, they flourish and learn well. It was a great opportunity to be a peer educator to the kids and give them opportunities to ask any questions they wanted.

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YEP Youth & SHBBV Sector Blog Post – Megan Elias, SHQ: “Me and My Ovaries Part 3 – Is this going to hurt?”

So what is getting the contraceptive implant actually like? Does it hurt? Is there a needle? This is how it went down for me…in pictures!

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What's happening at YEP

YEP at Fairground 2016

This year not only is YEP attending Fairground 2016…BUT we’re also presenting!!!

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Safe Schools Coalition WA: Introductory Session

Creating safe and inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.

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Meet the team

Thanh Tran

Hi everyone! My name is Thanh and I’m 22 years old. I am currently completing my Masters in Sexology this year… not long to go!

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