YEP aims to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and positively EVOLVE young people’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviours around sexual health & blood borne viruses (SHBBV).

What Can I Talk to Youth Workers About? – The YEP Project

Posted by: Anania Tagaro on April 18, 2018 in Leave a comment

As part of our new Youth Workshop Module ‘How to Talk to Youth Workers About Sex/Sexual Health’, the YEP Project has developed this video resource which we hope shows that young people can talk to youth workers about ANYTHING, and that youth workers are pretty cool peeps too 🙂 Enjoy! Read more »

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YEP Crew Blog Post – Susan Theseira: What it means when your doctor asks you if you’re ‘Sexually Active?’

I know it can feel awkward to talk about sex, but it’s important to communicate honestly and openly with your doctor. Remember, they want you to be the healthiest you can be, it’s their job, and that includes your sexual health. If you’re nervous, try writing your questions down on a piece of paper beforehand and bring it with you to your appointment. Anything you talk to your doctor about will be kept completely confidential (private, not to be shared with anyone else).

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YEP Crew Blog Post – Emily Wilding: What’s in a Name?

We take for granted just how useful, how imperative, our names are in our day to day lives. We nonchalantly scribble them down on forms, blurt them out awkwardly when we introduce ourselves to strangers, and write them clumsily on our personal belongings. When our names are congruent with our identities, we barely even notice they’re there. For many transgender and gender diverse people, it isn’t so clear-cut.

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YEP Volunteer Blog Post – Anna Wrobel: Sexting – ‘Nudes’ and everything you need to know about them

Sexting? What’s that?

One says that someone is sexting when they use the internet or their mobile phones to send and/or post sexual images, videos, or messages. Heaps of people also refer to sexting as sending ‘nudes’ or ‘sexy selfies’. So, if you are sending a picture of yourself or someone else who is nude, semi-nude or in a sexual pose you would be considered to send a sext.

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What's happening at YEP

YEP at Fairground 2016

This year not only is YEP attending Fairground 2016…BUT we’re also presenting!!!

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Safe Schools Coalition WA: Introductory Session

Creating safe and inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.

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Thanh Tran

Hi everyone! My name is Thanh and I’m 22 years old. I am currently completing my Masters in Sexology this year… not long to go!

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