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We are currently reviewing our workshops, so that we can better serve the needs of young people and the youth sector. To allow us time to do this we are not taking further bookings for Term 3. Should you wish to contact the YEP crew and/or put in an expression of interest for a workshop to be delivered in the future please email

***YEP Trainings & Workshops are FREE to youth organisations/programs/services***

1. Creating Safe Spaces: The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines v2.0

As youth workers, we know it takes a lot of time and energy to build genuine trust and rapport with young people. We know that if a new young person came to our service or program, it’s going to be a little while yet before the REALLY talk to us about what’s going on in their world.

Enter the topic of sexual health and blood borne viruses (SHBBVs) and just imagine how confused, scared, iffy, unsure, and embarrassed – but super curious! – this young person could be. They’re not going to talk to us about stuff like that straight away, but they may really really want to.

So, what can we do to make them feel comfortable about talking to us about SHBBV issues? How can we do it?

The YEP Project presents fun and interactive workshop on The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines, which are strategies on how to make your youth service/program/organisation more youth- and SHBBV-friendly for young people in our communities. Facilitated by YEP Crew Peer Educators and YEP Senior Project Officer, contact for more information or head to our online Booking Form now to organise this workshop for you and your organisation!

To view the 4 online training videos to Creating Safe Spaces: The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines v2.0 click here:

  1. Training Video 1: Introduction
  2. Training Video 2: Module 1 – Supportive Contexts & Youth Participation
  3. Training Video 3: Module 2 – Workforce Development & Organisational Management
  4. Training Video 4: Module 3 – Education for Young People & Access to Resources

To take part in the Priority Diamond activities in Training Video 2: Module 3 – Workforce Development & Organisational Management, please download the resources below and follow instructions as per the video:

Priority Diamond Activity – Sector Perspective

Priority Diamond Activity – Youth Perspective

2. Check Yo Self: Attitudes & Values Workshop (NEW!)

Check Yo Self: Attidues & Values Workshop is designed to encourage participants to assess how their values and attitudes influence their interactions with others, in particular, with young people. Check Yo Self focuses on youth sexual health – working to build understanding, normalization and an assessment of existing judgments.

The workshop’s outcomes are:

  1. a) To allow staff working directly with young people to create a safe space for discussion and reflection of typically taboo topics.
  2. b) Encourage participants to feel comfortable discussing sexual health and sexuality.
  3. c) Adopt harm minimisation techniques when discussing sexual health.
  4. d) Empower staff working directly with young people to refer to specialists when appropriate to do so.

The program also shares trending youth issues, language, practices and beliefs of young people to keep participants up-to-date and informed.

Our aim is to ensure that staff working with young people are able to give unbiased information that is de-stigmatised, and therefore, empower young people to make well-informed sexual health decisions for themselves. Check Yo Self is focused on the participants’ reaction to topics and issues, and is largely interactive and activity-based.

3. Engaging Young People in Youth SHBBV Issues

This workshop is an introduction to the world of youth sexual health & blood borne virus (SHBBV) issues. It is an interactive workshop that provides information and strategies as to how youth workers and professional staff can respond appropriately to situations and instances when their clients – the young people – bring up issues related to sex and sexual health. Previously, the YEP Project has delivered this workshop to North Metro TAFE Diploma of Youth Work students. If you, or your organisation, would like YEP to deliver this workshop, we are able to customise it according to your needs. Please contact or alternatively, head to our online Booking Form to book this training today!

4. Talking Positive: HIV/AIDS Workshop

An often difficult topic to discuss, the YEP Project covers the ins and outs of HIV/AIDS, with particular emphasis in providing best practice strategies on how to engage young people in this sensitive topic. Facilitated by YEP Crew Peer Educators, please contact or head to our online Booking Form  if you’re interested in us delivering this workshop to you and your team!

5. Trans & Gender Diverse Sexual Health 101: Gender Identity Toolkit

This is the first workshop in a two-part series aimed at upskilling youth workers and people who work directly with young people on Trans & Gender Diverse Sexual Health series. It is an interactive workshop that provides a strong foundation on a range of different issues including:

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Correct pronouns
  • Appropriate language
  • Health outcomes for trans and gender diverse young people, and
  • How to manage biases

Most importantly, this workshop provides a safe space to have a genuine discussion and ask questions on this pertinent topic. Facilitated by YEP Crew Peer Educators, please contact or head to our online Booking Form to book this unique training opportunity today!




 YEP Youth SHBBV Referral Resource – Perth Metro 2018

This SHBBV resource is specific to the Perth Metro area only, and will be updated yearly moving forward. To download a copy, please either click save the .png format below, or click to download the PDF version below, or contact 

YEP Youth SHBBV Referral Resource – Perth Metro 2018 (PDF) 

YEP Youth Poster

To get a copy of the poster in .pdf and .png formats, please contact Or alternatively, send your logo to the same email, and we can send you a personalised copy with your logo on the poster for you to just print out and put up! See where the big YEP logo is on the poster? That’s where your organisation logo will go!

YEP Comic Strip Social Media Campaign 2016

“Some things to remember about consent”

“Every body & its bits are different!”

“Me..waiting for THE TALK”

YEP Flyer


YEP Flyer 2016


YEP Youth Sector Guidelines

The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines


2017 YEP Youth Survey Results

2017 YEP Youth Survey Infographic


2016 YEP Youth Sector Survey Results


2016 Youth Sector Survey Infographic FINAL


2016 YEP Youth Survey Results


2016 YEP Youth Survey Infographic FINAL


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