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Sex and Disability

People with disabilities have great sex!!!

Non disabled people don’t know what they’re missing out on!– Madeleine Stewart

People with disabilities have sexual needs and desires, and want to experience love, joy and intimacy. This includes both visible and invisible disabilities. There may be some limitations, such as difficulty communicating, mobility, chronic pain, or less energy. However, sex can be adapted to suit the people doing it!

Disabilities and sexual rights

  • People with disabilities haven’t always had full autonomy over our bodies, including our sexual rights.
  • The World Health Organisation says sexuality is a basic need and aspect of being human that cannot be separated from other aspects of life.
  • People with disabilities experience the same range of sexual thoughts, attitudes, feelings, fantasies and activities as anyone else.
  • However, we can experience stigma and discrimination when it comes to romantic or sexual relationships, and our disabilities can sometimes create an imagined barrier to enjoying intimacy and pleasure with another person.
  • All people need inclusive sex ed that is right for them and their specific needs!

Accessible workshops

YEP is passionate about including people of all abilities in our youth workshops. We can change workshop content to meet your needs. 

This can include:

  • Taking extra breaks if needed
  • Using language that is easier to understand
  • Reducing sensory load e.g. not using music during activities, avoiding flashing lights
  • Using more visuals in workshops
  • Using light backgrounds during presentations
  • Using captions for videos in workshops

We always bring a fun bag of sensory toys with us whenever we’re out and about so you can feel comfortable, to help you engage with us as we work together.

Want more info?

  • If you are a person with a disability under 25 and are looking for support, the Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN) runs community events, educational workshops and advocates for your rights across the board.
  • SECCA provides excellent resources on sex and disability, including their amazing resources Sexuality, Relationships and Your Right and Feel Safe and their app.
  • If have a disability and would like to talk to someone about your sexual health and/or relationship needs and desires, contact SHQ or SECCA for information on their counselling services, which can be accessed through your NDIS funds.

Useful resources

Dating with a Disability. “It’s only a big deal if you make it one”

Target audience:Everyone, people with a disability

Sarah in Wonderland: “Let’s Get it On – Sex and Disability”

Target audience:everyone, people with a disability

Private: Supporting the Sexual Health of Young People with Disabilities – YEP Project and SECCA

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