YEP Crew Blog Post – Shaina Thomas: “Wait, what’s this…is this normal?”

People experience things at different rates, that will always be a given.

It is so common for us to still ask so many questions and wonder, “Is my experience normal? Or am I the only one?!”

With sexuality and gender inherent to the variability of an individual, the only person who can actually say, “Yea nah that is right for me”, is YOU!!

At best, I am the only person that can answer what is normal for me. Sexuality and gender is infinite to a person’s experience, there is no particular normal, and instead there is a huge range of different ‘normalS’! For me, this meant when I was 16 and crushing hard for girls at school I often thought against it, telling myself this is not normal for me. Even though my sexual behaviour at 12 would of directly said, “No honey, your gay this is normal for you”. There is no particular age, time, person or magic spell that can tell you who you are.

Here is a link to some funky kids getting a kick out of being who they were at young ages, and probably wanting to tell their older selves something…

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