Shaina Thomas

Hey! I’m Shaina and together I hope I can establish a strong connection with other emerging adults in 2016, especially those who live in remote West Australian towns that do not have sound representations of diverse sexuality, gender or multicultural backgrounds.

Recently I have had the rich experience of working in and exploring the great Australian outback for a year, which as a 20yr old at the time I felt to be an amazing achievement. For me, I gained the self-confidence and conviction to challenge stereotypes I struggle with as a young person, to be resourceful and entirely independent, and to celebrate learning new skills in unfamiliar places. Having returned home, I started to search for a role that would encourage this development and exercise these lessons in a way that would be purposeful to others. I am excited to work alongside my peers in the YEP Crew, to empower young people to also realise their capabilities in a positive way.

Some of the barriers affecting minorities puts young people at risk, which ultimately further limits their access to health, education, identity and employment in Australia. I choose to reach out and deliver my support wherever possible. My first hand experiences have built a bridge to the grounds of understanding LGBTQIA issues, homelessness, mental health, sexual health, and multicultural issues. My formal roles at Aboriginal Indigenous Mentoring Education program, Freedom centre and commitment to studying a Neuroscience and Psychology degree have created structural background to pin the everyday experiences a young person may face. My personal development has lead me to believe diversity is a celebration of life, and I would love to advocate those values wherever I leave a foot print!

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