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‘She’s Chill: Looking After Yourself with Taylor and Lily’ – WAAC

‘She’s Chill – Looking After Yourself, with Taylor and Lilly’ is a film and resource focused on good sexual health for young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

‘She’s Chill…’ takes a humorous look at STIs, testing and the relationship between sisters.

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Trans Pathways – Telethon Kids Institute

Trans Pathways is the largest study ever conducted of the mental health and care pathways of trans and gender diverse young people in Australia (859 participants). It is also the first Australian study to incorporate the views of parents and guardians of trans young people (194 participants).

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Get the Facts – Laugh & Learn

Growing up can be a bummercloud. But let’s face it, it does come with plenty of crack up moments.

Check out our new videos designed to make you laugh while you learn.

Check out these new videos at

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Putting Sexuality back into Comprehensive Sexuality Education: tips for delivering sex-positive workshops for young people – IPPF

Millions of young people around the world are not getting the kind of education they need and deserve when it comes to understand their sexuality.

This document is designed to complement Putting Sexuality back into Comprehensive Sexuality Education: making the case for a rights-based, sex-positive approach, and it aims to give practical tips for putting IPPF’s right-based, sex-positive approach, into practice.

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‘R U Legal?’ Online Resources – Legal Aid WA

R U Legal? is a set of online, interactive community legal education resources created by Legal Aid WA. The resources focus on some key areas which affect many young people, such as sexting. They provide both legal information and practical tips.

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The Penis: Parts & Anatomy Down There – SextED

Wanna know more about the penis? Check out this great website here resource to find out more!!!

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Frank: Talk Test. Enjoy – Family Planning NSW

Another cool new initiative from Family Planning NSW, check out their other new website resource called ‘Frank’!!!

At Frank, their vision is for all young people to enjoy healthy sex and relationships. They want you to be able to talk about your sexual health, from STIs to negotiating what you find pleasurable. They believe we should all care about each other and get tested regularly. Most importantly, your sexual health and your partners’ is key to enjoying sex.

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In Real Life: Stories of Sex & Relationships – Family Planning NSW

Have a gander at this new website from Family Planning NSW that features real life stories of young people regarding issues like safe sex, sexuality and relationships. It’s pretty nifty!!! 

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About…Sex n Stuff – Ansell Website

Ansell (Australia’s number 1 condom brand) has an awesome website about all things, well, sex and stuff! Check it out!!! 😀

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How do I ask a partner to use a condom?

If you find that it is difficult for you to talk openly and honestly with your partner about using a condom, you might want to think about whether it’s the right time for you to have sex. Using protection is part of having sex and is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Labia Library

Have you ever wondered
“Is my vagina normal?”

Lots of women have.

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Equality Rights Alliance YWAG Report ‘Let’s Talk’: Young Women’s Views on Sex Education

In 2015, YWAG conducted a national survey of women aged 16-21 who had attended school in Australia about their sexuality and respectful relationships education. Alongside the survey, three focus groups on young people, in particular, young women’s experiences of sex and relationships education were facilitated by self-selecting young women in their local communities and networks.

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Yarning Quiet Ways

The Aboriginal parenting guide around sex ed and relationships, produced by the WA Department of Health, is now more accessible as a pdf online.

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The Gender Fairy – Storybook for Transgender Children!

“Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you.”

The Gender Fairy is a simple story about two children who find relief in finally being heard. It is a tale of two children who are taking their first joyful steps toward living as their true selves. It is an educational resource for all children and adults to understand what it might feel like to be a transgender child.

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The Basics of HIV: Infographic from WA AIDS Council

HIV is a virus that lives and reproduces in the human body. Over time, HIV destroys part of the immune system and renders it ineffective. When the immune system is sufficiently depleted it can no longer overcome infections, illnesses and some cancers. When a person contracts two HIV illnesses simultaneously they are usually given an AIDS diagnosis.

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A New App that helps with Heartbreak!

Developed by the the Young and Well CRC and Queensland University of Technology, Breakup Shakeup helps young people cope with the heartache of relationship breakup.

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STIs quiz: How much do you know about sexually transmitted infections?

So how much do you know about STIs and practicing safe sex? Written by Claudine Ryan and Tegan Osborne, ABC Health & Wellbeing.


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YEP Youth Sector Survey 2015 Results

In 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, the YEP Project has conducted this survey to investigate changes in the youth sector relating to youth sexual health and blood-borne virus (SHBBV) education and support.

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Do you know where to draw the line?

Sometimes, there’s no argument about where to draw the line in our friendships & relationships. But the line can get blurry. So, we’re here to talk about it.

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SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit

In response to sector need for SHBBV program planning and evaluation tools, SiREN have developed the SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit. This is a comprehensive resource for practitioners in the sexual health sector to aid in program planning, implementation and evaluation.

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The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines

YACWA’s YEP Project has a vision for the WA youth sector to view sexual health and blood-borne virus issues as priority issues that are integral to young people’s development and wellbeing, and that are integrated in everyday youth work practice – we hope that these Guidelines support the youth sector working toward this vision.

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What's happening at YEP

Safe Schools Coalition WA: Introductory Session

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YEP at Fairground 2016

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