YEP Crew Blog Post – Jordina Quain: Things You Don’t Get Told About Sex

  1. People aren’t always ‘in the mood’, no matter what sex they are. People’s feelings towards sex fluctuates which means sometimes people want sex, and sometimes they don’t.
  2. If you do not use a condom and your partner ejaculates inside of you, you will, and I repeat, you WILL have jizz come out/roll down your leg afterwards. I feel this is important to mention because: a) nowhere on movies do they show the awkward run to the bathroom afterwards, b) it can keep coming out even after you’ve pee’d and you think it’s all out, and c) people seem to think it stores away in some special box out of sight where gravity doesn’t exist.
  3. Sex can get VERY sweaty.
  4. Queefing is basically a vaginal fart which is caused from air being trapped inside the vagina usually from types of penetration. This commonly happens from fast in and out motions where air gets in. It is completely natural and has no odour – because it’s just air!
  5. Bodies slamming together make noise. Normally a suction-ee/farting sound. It’s all very sexy.
  6. People don’t always ‘finish’. It is not always the fault of the other partner if they can’t cum. The sex organs, like all organs are linked to the rest of the body including the brain. This means if they’re stressed, nervous, worried, tired or any other emotion that connects to their genitals may stop them being able to relax enough to finish. Medications can also affect orgasm, and so can many other things so be an understanding soul 🙂
  7. It is okay to ask for what you want/like – team work makes the dream work.
  8. Big penises aren’t always the best penises. So basically the vagina has an end unlike the anus which turns into the rectum and so on and so forth. The cervix is the essentially the end of the vagina, and where the uterus begins. This means that it can actually be quite painful to be hit. Some people may think that it’s a sexy thing to do, and if it feels good for both of you then awesome, but just be mindful that you cannot pass cervix, you cannot collect $200.
  9. If you need to pee during sex – just go pee, do not risk wetting the bed and not enjoying sex because it’s all you can think of. The quicker you do it the quicker you can get down to business.
  10. Do not snuggle with a condom on while still inside your partner – they can get lost. If this happens, kegel it out. Google kegel if unsure how that all works.
  11. Everyone can like/dislike sex just as much as anyone else can.
  12. Recently eaten chilli + going down on someone = genital fire. This is not the way to spice up your love life.
  13. If you pee after sex you are less likely to get a UTI. Yay! Alternatively, drink cranberry juice or go to the chemist for urals if you feel burny pain when you pee 🙂
  14. Sex doesn’t only involve a penis and vagina.
  15. Lube has proven to increase pleasure for both partners, it’s not just for when someone’s not ‘wet’ enough.
  16. Some positions in porn/books are hard to get into, require stretching or involve inevitable cramps. That’s why they are professional and we are not.
  17. Laughter in these situations is usually the best response, always with and never at someone 🙂

1 thought on “YEP Crew Blog Post – Jordina Quain: Things You Don’t Get Told About Sex”

  1. Nice work Jordina,
    Just wonder if number 14 should be number 1 though?! Also, concerned about attitudes around oraland anal sex – safety and expectation! so I wonder if you could highlight that?

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